YoGuitar #LateNightBites

That is a lame title. I know. But it sums up what I have been recently up to. Plus learning Photoshop. But then again YoGuitarShop is pushing it. Anyway —

In my previous post about 2 months ago, I was yapping about how unkind I am to myself and how my thoughts really affect my actions and emotions. So I have been looking for activities that would promote inner peace or something like that. Or at least distract me from my self.

So I started doing yoga about 2 weeks ago and I must say, it is not what I thought it would be. Not all omms and zzz’s but about inner strength and balance and the power of the breath and trying not to faceplant while doing downward dog.

I didn’t take a formal class. No time or money for that. There’s this 30 day yoga challenge by Adriene and it’s amazing. I have been practising listening to and moving with my breath. It helps me clear my thoughts and make me internalize everything that is happening outside and within me. Believe me, it helps at work too when it gets too stressful and you just want to grrrrr. But it’s not a magic pill. I still let unkind words swirl around my head and sometimes they escape my mouth too which makes me mentally give myself a stink eye. But hey, we are all a work in progress.

And there’s my guitar I have lovingly called Grey. I’m not a good player, but I swoon whenever I can play a song I really like and make it my own. It’s amazing! It’s not like this song is playing and you sing along with it. No, you are making those badass tunes. Okay maybe not so badass, but still. I smirk.

I swear I get so fckn loquacious past midnight. This was just supposed to be a three-liner with a drop-mic punchline, or a 2 inch wide paragraph at most. I’m just giddy with glee realizing I have been making progress to a better me. Omg that’s cheesy. But there it is. 😊


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